Nur Felix


Song title: Luv n peace

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Nur Felix an inspirational songwriter,/guitarist and singer have always been for a united and peaceful world. with his velvet smooth voice and magnificient guitar playing, , its easy to see why he is strongly loved by audiences throughout the world. Nur Felix is 23 years of age , performed with various bands before deciding to go solo.. Went on a spiritual journey to discover the beauty and essence of life. it was after 2 years, spending time in nature, learning the arts of meditation that Nur also discover that the world is not an easy place . He then joined a jazz band and performed all over cape town… Nur Felix`s mission is to inspire as many people as possible. Believes that music is the greatest tool that may spread a message. dedicated in making a difference Nur Felix writes about freedom, truth, personal experiences and love. currently, he is busy with the first solo album.


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