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Song title: Be a man

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At 22 years of age with 8 years in Colorado Hip hop Scene Justin (Hustle Man) Rodriguez has established himself as one of the artist who will not fade away. He embarked on this journey early in life (at 14yrs old) and never quit, focusing only on sharping his skills as an artist, “I focused more on the quality of the music then anything”-Hustle Man as he says in an interview with NFN radio.

He recently dropped a Mixtape on with a very controversial title “WetBack Muzik” Released 06/11/12 and tho may not been a viral explosion 1,500 hard copies were distributed through out the city of Denver and surrounding county’s in CO. which reassured his presence in this cut throat Hip Hop Community.

When asked about his controversial title this what he had to say “When an WetBack (Mexican Immigrant) crosses our borders they don’t really know what they are going to do when they get here……! They just know they’re going to find work doing whatever, however to get paid! Well I look at myself as a WetBack coming into the industry because the format of the mixtape is so all over the place!….You got West coast Beats and flow, then you got Down South stuff, with straight East coast material as well. I wanted to test the water to where my voice sounds the best.”-HustleMan.

The title has has had a very strong response “They either gonna Roll with it, or they gonna HATE it, but they wont ever forget it! It’s so offensive! and frankly i don’t give a F**K what people think” -HustleMan quote from NFN radio interview. It looks like we have a lot to expect from the this young artist and CO. in future years to come.

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